San Francisco Black Firefighter's Association

Sherman Tillman, President President's Message

May 2018

As an organization, we strive to prepare our members for the unexpected, to learn their craft, advance their careers, and protect and serve the communities in which we work. This is a monumental task that we are committed to achieving. We meet this challenge everyday in a very demanding job with ever dwindling diversity. The challenges in today’s fire service are great. Increased service demands, crumbling infrastructure and an aging population opposed to attacks on pensions, stratospheric home and education costs.

Now, more than ever we have to work together to bridge the social and economic gap. Stay committed, motivated, and join us in the ever continuing battle to bring equality, diversity, and positive change to the fire service.

Stay low, stay safe and God Bless all first responders and their families.

Yours truly,
Sherman Tillman, President